Ref: Li,Y. et al. unpublished

REBASE ref # 12926

Complete sequence: 4,551,783 bp

GenBank #: CP002607 (NC_015424)

REBASE acronym: AveB565

Org_num: 6876


All begin B565_

Type II
ORF Gene Most similar Specificity Name
971 DamX-related protein
972 M M.AveZfB1DamP (100% identity) GATC M.AveB565DamP
973 64 aa hypothetical protein
2536 253 aa hypothetical protein
2537 M M.Asp1411ORF8855P (75% identity) M.AveB565ORF2537P
2538 V V.Asp1411ORF8855P (96% identity) V.AveB565ORF2537P
2539 Na(+)-translocating NADH-quinone reductase
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