Ref: Cui,C. et al. unpublished

REBASE ref # 30184

Sequence length:GenBank #:
Chromosome: 3,054,651 bp CP044455
plasmid pB18-2: 136,195 bp CP044457
plasmid pB18-7: 13,146 bp CP044462

REBASE acronym: AinB18

Org_num: 39671


All begin FSC09_

Type II
ORF Gene Most similar Specificity Name
13920 riboflavin synthase
13925 M M.AinYY1ORF1105P (100% identity) M.AinB18ORF13925P
13930 bifunctional
plasmid pB18-2
16765 BREX system P-loop protein BrxC
16770 RM Ahaw12ORF16810P (82% identity) AinB18ORF16770P
16775 456 aa hypothetical protein
plasmid pB18-7
17870 ISNCY family transposase
??? M M.Alw2335ORF149P (91% identity) M.AinB18ORF17790P
Type IV
ORF Gene Most similar Specificity Name
9215 helix-turn-helix transcriptional regulator
9220 R AinHY20McrCP (100% identity) AinB18McrCP
9225 R AinHY20McrBP (100% identity) AinB18McrBP
9230 IS3 family transposase
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