Ref: Doyle,S. unpublished

REBASE ref # 22501

Complete sequence: 2,022,832 bp

GenBank #: LS483443

REBASE acronym: Ase10977

Org_num: 29331


All begin NCTC10977_

Type I
ORF Gene Most similar Specificity Name
1345 Uncharacterised protein
??? S S.Ase33393ORF837P (1% identity) S.Ase10977ORF1347P
1347 M M.Ase33393ORF837P (1% identity) M.Ase10977ORF1347P
1348 Helix-turn-helix domain
1525 2-aminoethylphosphonate ABC transporter
1526 M Probable type I restriction enzyme BthVORF4518P ACANNNNNNNTGT M.Ase10977I
1527 S Type I restriction enzyme specificity protein ACANNNNNNNTGT S.Ase10977I
1528 Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria
1529 Virulence protein
1530 R Type I restriction enzyme EcoR124II R protein ACANNNNNNNTGT Ase10977IP
1531 Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase 1 subunit
Type II
ORF Gene Most similar Specificity Name
706 Modulator of drug activity B
707 M DNA adenine methylase GATC M.Ase10977II
708 3-dehydroquinate synthase
1673 Protein of uncharacterised function (DUF1367)
1674 M M.Ase33393ORF1165P (1% identity) M.Ase10977ORF1674P
1675 Replication protein P
Type IV
ORF Gene Most similar Specificity Name
1419 Structural maintenance of chromosome-related
1420 R Ase33393MrrP (1% identity) Ase10977MrrP
1421 EamA-like transporter family