GenBank: CP007502 (2,105,503 bp)


Type Gene Name Predicted
Rec Seq
Contig Coordinates
I M M.Aac1651ORF1471P 987458-989062 c
I S S.Aac1651ORF1471P 989162-990292 c
I R Aac1651ORF1471P 991539-994539 c
II M M.Aac1651ORF432P 294034-294693 c
II M M.Aac1651ORF1294P GATC 876552-877406 c
II M M.Aac1651ORF2008P 1366181-1366534 c
III R Aac1651ORF29P 20732-23353 c
III M M.Aac1651ORF29P 23363-25003 c
III M M.Aac1651ORF1923P 1297627-1299999
III R Aac1651ORF1923P 1300101-1302054
III M M.Aac1651ORF2031P 1384478-1385218
III R Aac1651ORF2543P 1769993-1772704 c


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