Ref: Tanizawa,Y. et al. unpublished

REBASE ref # 26790

Complete sequence: 1,937,632 bp

GenBank #: AP018549

REBASE acronym: Lga5343

Org_num: 29654


All begin LpgJCM5343_

Type II
ORF Gene Most similar Specificity Name
10170 1237 aa hypothetical protein
10180 RM LjoW1ORF3510P (88% identity) Lga5343ORF10180P
10190 1239 aa hypothetical protein
Type IV
ORF Gene Most similar Specificity Name
330 exodeoxyribonuclease III
??? R Lpa18ORF690P (98% identity) Lga5343ORF350P
360 alpha/beta hydrolase
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