Ref: Copeland,A. et al. unpublished

REBASE ref # 10363

Complete sequence: 2,077,567 bp

GenBank #: CP000852 (NC_009954)

REBASE acronym: Cma167

Org_num: 4924


All begin Cmaq_

Type II
ORF Gene Most similar Specificity Name
1061 transposase, IS605 OrfB family
1062 RM DkaORF1203P (62% identity) Cma167ORF1062P
1063 477 aa Conserved hypothetical protein CHP02688
1382 protein of unknown function DUF402
1383 M M.Pfu1ORF1018P (60% identity) M.Cma167ORF1383P
1384 protein of unknown function DUF214
Type IV
ORF Gene Most similar Specificity Name
1991 434 aa conserved hypothetical protein
1992 R ATPase associated with various cellular Cma167McrBP
1993 circadian clock protein, KaiC