GenBank: CP024738 (2,663,833 bp)


Type Gene Name Predicted
Rec Seq
Contig Coordinates
I M M.AmuAMDK3ORF5560P AACNNNNNNTAC 1211023-1213584
I S S.AmuAMDK3ORF5560P AACNNNNNNTAC 1213577-1214737
I R AmuAMDK3ORF5560P AACNNNNNNTAC 1214753-1217872
II M M.AmuAMDK3ORF2265P 489928-491223
II R AmuAMDK3ORF3735P 787613-788320 c
II M M.AmuAMDK3ORF3735P 788334-789410 c
II M M.AmuAMDK3ORF5610P 1225724-1226818 c
II RM AmuAMDK3ORF6880P 1501227-1504559 c
II M M.AmuAMDK3ORF6885P 1504575-1506572 c
II R AmuAMDK3ORF7490P 1654433-1655203
III R AmuAMDK3ORF7720P 1714613-1717639 c
III M M.AmuAMDK3ORF7720P 1717642-1719540 c


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